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Kilo Kish presents K+ THE BOOK

From MTV IGGY -- It seems Brooklyn-based sleepyrapper and fine artist Kilo Kish has been anywhere but Slumberland this year. Ten months following the release of her dreamy K+ mixtape, she’s back with a new project called K+ THE BOOK.

Described as a work in progress, this digital art zine is a “carefully curated living document of the collaborative process of making music.” Throughout the production of K+ the mixtape, she obsessively archived all her drawings, photos, sticky notes, receipts, emails, informal iPhone videos and demo recordings that went into her process. She even covertly recorded conversations she had with friends and collaborators during this time, through Skype and in real life. This gradual collection of aural and visual mementos culminated in a one-night art show, where Kilo Kish says she and her friends eventually got drunk and cathartically tore down the whole installation. Luckily though, she kept a back-up, which is now the ebook.

A multimedia collage of creative breakthroughs, murmurs and outtakes, K+ THE BOOK is available for download on iTunes and Amazon. And if you’ve been sleeping on K+ the mixtape, featuring acts like Childish Gambino, Earl Sweatshirt and Matt Martians of OFWGKTA, here’s your golden opportunity.

Shalimar Media Group worked with Kilo to create a project that spoke to her sensibilities as a creative.  We wanted to deliver a product that was on brand and adored by her fans. K+ THE BOOK is available now on iTunes and in print on Amazon from SMG | Books and distributed by Over The Edge Books