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Sean Fahie Presents: Letters To Lovers Who Love To Hate Me

Atlanta, GA -- Letters to Lovers who Love to Hate Me is the second offering from artist and author Sean Faihie. The book is a collection of short poems and stories written from a perspective of reflection, growth, and learning from mistakes. 

Like his first book Things About Women and Other Short Stories I Seem to Forget, Fahie offers his insight on life, love, women, and getting drunk. 

Fahie says, "Letters to Lovers is a continuation from the first book. It's a look at what happens when the party is done, but you still feel like you have to party."

Letters To Lovers... is the second in a three book pact with SMG | Books. The projects are designed to expand Sean's platform as a creative and allow him to develop content in new ways. The books are avilable in print on, as ebooks from iBooks and distributed by Over The Edge Books. For more on Sean's offerings head over to  

Poems from the book:

Laying Naked is the Best Way to Hear the Truth

This girl once told me, “If you were rich you would be the perfect guy. I guess for now there has to be some balance in life.” To which I replied, “Some things have to be fair.” 

A Letter to My Open and Honest Relationship

I should have lied more.