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Will The Real Pimps & Hos Please Stand Up


Will The Real Pimps and Ho’s Please Stand Up: Peeping the Multi-Leveled Global Game is birthed from the psyche of urban philosopher and Renaissance man E Raymond Brown. In it’s original 2003 release, the book takes on an approach that had been non-existent prior to its penning:  A radically non-dogmatic, no holds barred examination into the emerging planetary power game from an uncompromising, indigenous urban, philosophically bold, multi-disciplinary perspective.

The book serves as a companion to a documentary written by Brown called GHETTO PHYSICS, released in 2003 by Samuel Goldwyn films and Captured Light Films. The revised version offers updated text, new cover and a glossary. This time around the book hopes to reach a younger audience.

The book is published by SMG | Books and avilable in print on, as ebooks from iBooks and distributed by Over The Edge Books


Dr. Cornel West

“But ya gotta undergo a change. You gotta become ‘depimpafied.’ But ya gotta keep the wisdom and insights you learned from your pimpery.”

Hassahn Liggins of Radio Facts writes:

“E. Raymond Brown does an amazing job of relating the pimp game to several prominent issues and people in the world. His use of witty sarcasm backed with intellectual subject matter presents an intriguing dichotomy that kept me turning the pages. Brown brilliantly takes the language of the street and applies it to the powers that be. He points out great examples of how those in power represent the "pimps" in many cases, while those that live under the rules of the powerful represent the "hos."

L.A. Weekly

“Brown’s book, which effectively blends street energy, humor and high philosophy, is a scathing critique of pimps of all stripes as well as a frank acknowledgment of their power” Erin Aubry Kaplan, L.A. Weekly

The Hilltop, Howard University

Brown, who coined the term "gourmet-ghetto-intellectual" to refer to the style of dialogue in his new book, employs comparisons between the street depictions of "pimpin" and "hoing" in every day life to refer to conversations about life at every level.” The Hilltop, Howard University

Matthew Moses