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Nai Vasha Collette presents Wombmen

New York, New York-- Imagine a tomboy mystic turned self-made sociologist, who photo-journals influential wombmen she encounters on her journey in the industry. Then splash some raw personal poetry about cramps, losing fear, and connecting with like-minded feminine energy, and you have Wombmen. 

Nai-Vasha Collette's eye and taste has influenced clients such as Puma, Miguel, Estelle, J*Davey, Stussy, and Chromat. Her new book released by SMG | Books and Over The Edge Books It’s a celebration of  girl power building collectively in the 21st century.Naturally, Wombmen is rich in her gift to visually captivate the reader and transport them to the intimate and strong places of wombmenhood. If anyone is to curate the network of powerful talent listed in this book, Nai-Vasha is the wombmen with the vision.

The book is the first in a series of projects with Shalimar Media Group. They are designed to allow the artist to expand and furthur monitize her creative offerings. 

Download it today on iBooks and in print from