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Xavier Payne presents: It Could Be So Simple

September 6, 2014 marks the official release of Xavier Payne's first art book. It Could Be So Simple is packed with the Nasville based artist's signature style and most popular paintings. The project gives readers a look into his process and offers a glimpse at some of his early works. To celebrate this occasion Xavier hosted a gallery opening and book launch at  Blend Studio in Nashville. The show runs through September 30, 2014. 

Xavier is most known for is renderings of iconic moments in 1990's African American pop-culture. His work has been featured on BuzzFeed and in 2013 he designed a merchandise collaboration for popular web series Awkward Black Girl .

His book is on sale now from SMG|Books / Over The Edge via iBooks and in print on Amazon. 

Mr. Payne was also featured in last week's Art section of the Nashville Scene. Check it out