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LEON WARE album reissued on BeWith Records

United Kingdon-- BeWith Records is a UK based vinyl reissue company. This week the company released the LEON WARE album. The project was Leon's second album, it was originally issued on Elektra records in 1982. BeWtih is absolutely about the music. The company is headed by DJ Rob Butler, and is designed to “facilitate the music you want to listen to, not dictate” (what consumers should hear). Their business model allows fans to "nominate records that deserve to be heard," because as the company's philosophy reveals, "if you want to hear them, you best believe, we want to hear them too." 

Rob had a chance to Skype with Leon a few weeks ago. Check out the chat here.

We are excited about the new reissue and hope this legendary piece of work finds new fans and reconnects with old fans alike. 

For more on Leon, check out his full site